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We have surplus drums in whatever quantities you require - from one to hundreds - available on site at our discount store. Drums can be used for wet or dry storage, for transport and shipping, for farmer's bulk storage, rain collection, burn barrels and a variety of other uses. Food-grade containers and a variety of sizes are available. We offer quantity prices.

Poly Drums

We carry Open Head (removable lid), Tight Head (perforated top), and Food Grade poly drums. Drums are made out of dense polyethylene - a recognized "food grade" material - and polyethylene drums are widely used for shipping and storing liquid food products, or water storage and rain collection.

Fiber Drums

Safely ship and store dry or solid products in our surplus fiber drums. Steel rings reinforce top and bottom and drums have a removable metal cover.


Steel Drums

Available in open head (removeable lid) or tight-head (perforated lid), as well as food-grade.



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