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Custom Boxes and Printing

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  1. Regular Slotted Container

    Regular Slotted Container

    Regular slotted container (aka RSC box) with top and bottom flaps. Learn More

  2. Half-slotted Container

    Half-slotted Container

    Half-slotted container (aka HSC box) with bottom flaps only. Learn More

  3. Five-panel Folder

    Five-panel Folder

    Five-panel folder (aka FPF box): stores flat and assembled for shipping long, narrow products. Learn More

  4. Full-overlap Slotted Container

    Full-overlap Slotted Container

    Full-overlap slotted container (aka FOL box), with fully overlapping outer flaps. Learn More

  5. One-piece Folder

    One-piece Folder

    One-piece folder (aka OPF box) for books and narrow items. Learn More

  6. Custom-sized Corrugated Pad

    Custom-sized Corrugated Pad

    Custom-sized corrugated sheets. Learn More

  7. Designer-style Tray

    Designer-style Tray

    Designer-style tray (aka DST box) with or without a partial or full-telescoping top. Learn More

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7 Item(s)